“Organizations are successful because of good implementation, not good business plans.” Guy Kawasaki, The Art of the Start

Now that we have out one-page marketing roadmap, how do we hit the road and stay on course? An implementation plan is THE most critical activity – yet it is often overlooked. When we leave our planning session and get mired in the day-to-day activities and emergencies, it is easy to delay, or even forget, our growth initiatives.

Assemble your working group for a dedicated meeting of at least two- hours. Assign each marketing initiative to an “owner” who will champion the program and be responsible for getting things done. Each owner (with the help of the team) should detail the following:

  • Task descriptions and length of time required
  • Ownership and resources (internal and external) for each task
  • Due date

These tasks can then be color coded by initiative and laid out on a planning time horizon (see picture). You can then easily see where there are gaps or too many activities and spread out the work accordingly.

It is also critical to get on the calendar regular review sessions for the year. Here each owner will report on the status of his/her initiative. The team can also review your progress vis-à-vis the marketing goals you developed in your one-page marketing roadmap.

You are now set up for success for the new year!

Next Week: The most important page of your business plan.

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