How We Work Together

How we work together

We listen.

  • We get together with the leader or leadership team and listen to your story, where you want to go, and what roadblocks you have faced in the past.
  • We get clear on outcomes. What do you want to have on hand when the project is complete?

We create a RoadMap proposal that includes:

  • Your objectives
  • A process and timeline
  • Our deliverables
  • Inputs needed from you and your team
  • Our cost

We get to work.

  • We gather data. Past work, interviews with participants, voice of clients, financial results.
  • We create a process for capturing creativity and possibilities.
  • We make strategic choices and decisions.
  • We create a timeline with milestones, owners, and dates.

We show you how to make it happen → Roadmap to Action.

  • Your organization has a clear plan based on a thoughtful process to get you to your goals.
  • You have a managing process with clear owners, dates for check-ins and metrics to gauge your progress.