We work with mid-size ($10M-$200M)
companies and mission-driven organizations.

Strategic Growth Planning

What is it?

A structured, systematic, data-driven approach to

  1. determine the growth strategy that will get you to your goals and
  2. agree on a clear roadmap to align and prioritize investments of time and money.
  • Your team has a clear vision of where you want to go over the next 1-3 years.
  • Everyone is focused on a few top priorities (rather than trying to do everything at once).
  • Your people and resources are lined up with key initiatives, giving a sound strategy strong odds of success.
  • Everyone walks away with an actionable roadmap including timelines and accountability.
  • You have a managing process to ensure your roadmap stays on track and to ensure everyone feels energized, focused, and clear on what they need to do to achieve and exceed business goals.
  • We offer a unique approach that combines data-driven insights with a people-centric focus.
  • Our processes, models, and deliverables are tailored to each client and are not limited to a set model or approach.
  • Our Future Planning process helps leaders adapt to changing conditions, by analyzing industry trends, social factors, and competitive intelligence. 
  • Extensive experience in competitive analysis, branding, positioning, customer journey mapping and other forms of analysis and strategy development
  • With deep expertise across various industries, including Tech, Financial Services, Professional Services, Mission-based, and Government Contracting, we bring a wealth of experience to each project.

Leadership and Team Retreats

What is it?

A personalized event, held away from the workplace, focused on specific goals for the team and leadership.

  • Defined objectives, such as team building, goal setting, skill development, breaking down silos, or ideating new products, are achieved through tailored activities.
  • Leaders can fully participate, listen, and recharge.
  • The retreat results in clear takeaways to sustain its impact.
  • The event is customized to fit your company’s goals and culture.
  • RoadMap Growth has extensive experience across various industries and executive teams, particularly in Tech, Financial Services, Mission-based organizations, and Government Contracting.
  • We have a network of trusted companies to assist with event logistics, team building exercises, and leadership development.

Work with Advisory Boards

What is it?

The design and implementation of a structure for advisory boards or meetings to effectively leverage the expertise, connections, and contributions of board members.

  • Clarity on the structure, tenure, roles, and governance of the board, agreed upon by leadership.
  • A clear understanding of the purpose and desired outcomes of the board by both the CEO/executive team and the board members.
  • Effective meeting design and reporting mechanisms.
  • Minimized time investment for leaders while maximizing the board’s impact.
  • Proven experience working with corporate and non-profit, getting clear roles and responsibilities of board versus executive team for improved outcomes.
  • Experience with client advisory boards building deeper client relationships and valuable feedback for product development and strategic direction.

Capacity Planning

What is it?

A management process that evaluates an employee’s current workload and prioritizes tasks to align with the company’s objectives. Design role descriptions and organizational structure to tie responsibilities and performance measurement to the company’s strategy.

  • Ensures a uniform approach to aligning employee activities with the company’s priorities and strategic plan.
  • Encourages balanced workloads and helps employees understand their priorities.
  • Provides employees an opportunity to express their work and suggest improvements.
  • Enables managers to identify and address performance issues effectively.
  • Develops new managers’ skills in delegation and employee management.
  • Helps younger employees understand how their work contributes to the company’s mission.
  • Offers a proven approach and customizable template.
  • Aligns capacity planning with the company’s strategic priorities.
  • Boasts extensive experience in creating capacity plans for various roles, including leadership, management, and staff.

Voice of the Customer

What is it?

Quantitative and Qualitative data collection from clients or other stakeholders (such as employees and partners).

  • Decision making based on data versus opinion.
  • Customized to the decision or outcome.
  • Expertise in data collection and analysis.
  • Experience with quantitative methods via surveys or other datasets, and statistical analysis.
  • Experience with qualitative methods via interviews or observation.
  • Clear communication of findings and implications.

Chief of Staff Services

What is it?

Work directly with the CEO and other executives on special projects and implementation of strategic roadmap.

  • Frees up executive time.
  • Ensures that strategic focus is pushed down into the daily activities of the organization
  • Process to own and continuously improve company operating cadence (e.g., executive team meetings, leadership and company-wide retreats, quarterly reviews, board meetings)
  • Lead the preparation and production of executive presentations, including team meetings, internal and external speaking engagements, off sites, and events. Drive internal communications strategy including team emails, websites, newsletters, and videos.
  • As a trusted advisor to C-Suite, RoadMap Growth has client relationships that span multiple years and teams.
  • Extensive experience coordinating and driving effective decision-making of the CEO with key stakeholders, including the Senior Leadership and Boards of Directors.
  • RoadMap Growth maximizes impact of the CEO by:
    • Enhancing their time management and internal communications.
    • Developing and managing processes within the Executive Team and the organization to continuously improve their work.
    • Monitoring and reporting on key metrics.