I prefer roadmaps to plans because they are simple, direct and flexible. Simple due to the one page snapshot of where we want to go. Direct since we know exactly where we will focus (and where we will say no). Flexible since initiatives can be easily rerouted to take advantage of market opportunities.

Creating a Marketing RoadMap is a journey itself of four simple steps:

  1. Where are you today? Review your Current State using the preparation work and data from last week. Reflect on the successes, learning and obstacles from the past year.
  2. Where do you want to be at the end of 6 months/ one year? Picture your future state with words, images, sound. At this point, don’t worry how you will get there: just create a shared vision of your business destination. Prioritize and organize these intentions into 4-7 clear objectives.
  3. How will you measure your progress? Tangible goals are those measurable mileposts that will get you to your ideal state. Make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely) and tied to each objective.
  4. How will you get there? Most of us have a very long list of projects or ideas that we think will help get us to our objectives. Here you and your team should brainstorm all these initiatives and get them up for consideration. After the creative idea storm, vote for the best and narrow the list down to 4-7 initiatives. Make sure that all initiatives will further each goal and initiative.

You now have a one-page Marketing RoadMap that you can tack on your wall for direction and inspiration over the next year. Join me next week where I share my process for getting the work done.

Next week: Executing Your One-Page Marketing RoadMap.

Note: The original inspiration for this picture came from the Church of the Customer Blog (great read for ideas on word-of-mouth and more).


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